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From:  Kurt Chrisler
Re:  Your PLR Products

Finding high quality Private Label Rights products can be a chore these days. You might spend several hours searching for a PLR product, find one that you think looks good, then lay down a few dollars for it . . . only to find that when you start going through it that you can’t understand a word of what you’re reading.

Sound familiar?

Or, maybe you find that once you download the PLR product and start going through it, you realize that you just bought the very same product a few weeks ago . . . this one just has a different name!

Don’t feel bad if one of those describes what happens to you, because it happens to me too – and more often than I’ll admit to 🙂

With so much PLR content floating around, it is all starting to get recycled, renamed, and redistributed. And it seems that with each cycle, the quality keeps going down, and down, and down, and . . .

Most PLR products out there just give you a PLR eBook and Salesletter and that’s it!

Well, I really want to make sure that you are able to be successful with these PLR products, and I want to make sure that you have all of the tools that you need to achieve that success.

Having the PLR product is the first step, but there are other factors that determine if you’ll be successful with your products. I have no doubt that you’ll be able to make a few sales by just using the PLR product and salesletter…

But just think about how much more money you could make if you had a way to . . .

  • Build a targeted opt-in list of people interested in each niche – think of all of the possibilities if you had your own list in each of these niches (promote follow up products, joint ventures, affiliate sales, etc.)
  • Easily follow up with each prospect until they purchase your product – many people need to see your offer multiple times before they will purchase something from you.
  • Provide each prospect with high quality information – even if they don’t purchase your product right away, you still want to keep in touch with your new subscribers. What better way to get them to buy something from you then to provide them with high quality information on a regular basis?
  • Provide each prospect with high quality information – even if they don’t purchase your product right away, you still want to keep in touch with your new subscribers. What better way to get them to buy something from you then to provide them with high quality information on a regular basis?
  • Add in a back-end, or upsell, product to help you make even more money – ask anyone who is making money online, and they’ll tell you that the real money is in the back-end process!

These are all elements of a successful sales process. I use this very same process for just about every product I put online . . . and I know that it works nearly every time.

So that is why . . .


I Want To Hand You Everything You Need For A Successful Sales Process With Your PLR Products Each and Every Month!

Seriously, creating all of these components isn’t very cheap if you can’t do it for yourself. I know you don’t want to spend that money to have everything created, so I went ahead and created everything for you . . .

-One Niche eBook Each Month with Private Label Rights
-Full Website Package – With Graphics, Salesletter, & Download Page
-Professional Audio Recording of Each Product
-25 Private Label Articles for Each Topic
-Lead Generation Report with Private Label Rights
-Squeeze Page for Each Report
-4 Email Ads for Each Product



Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll get each month…


Membership Benefit #1: Niche eBook with PLR Rights

Each month, I’ll hand you a brand new ebook in a hot, in demand niche…and these are topics that won’t be going away any time soon. People will ALWAYS be looking for information on these topics, so there will always be a market for them.

Medical topics, self improvement, physical activities, home improvement . . . these topics will always be in demand. And those are the topics I’m focusing on.


Membership Benefit #2: Complete Salesletter

With each product, you will get a complete website package. This includes:

-Professionally written sales letter

-Download Page

-Professionally designed graphics, including:



-Order Button

-3D Cover (in 3 sizes)

-Flat Cover

-Background Image

I have seen many PLR products that don’t come with graphics or a sales letter . . . leaving you to spend the extra money to hire a copywriter and find a decent graphic designer.

Here, all you need to do is make a few changes to the website, upload everything to your site, and start sending traffic. Let the sales letter take care of the rest 🙂


Membership Benefit #3: Audio Recordings

Using upsells and back end products is one of the best ways to add extra profits without adding much extra work. Once you add it to your sales process, it just keeps making you extra money while you sit back and enjoy.

A great way to get your customers to spend more money with you is to offer them an upgraded package of what they are already buying from you.

Each month, I’ll give you just that – a product that you can use to sell to your customers on the back end . . . in the form of a high quality, professional audio book.

With most of the world rushing all over with their busy schedules, not many people have the time to sit down and read a good book anymore. Providing your customers with an option to download the audio book allows them to listen to the book in the car, while walking the dog, or any other time that fits their life.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to produce the high quality audio books that their customers want to buy.

I have taken care of that for you. I found some very high quality Voice Artists to record each PLR book for you.

This can instantly give you an extra source of income!


Membership Benefit #4: Squeeze Page

Building an email list is a must for any information product seller. To help you get people on that mailing list I am giving you a high converting squeeze page that you can use to start giving away your lead generation reports.

I have created several squeeze pages using these same designs that have pulled in 10,000+ subscribers each, so I know what works best.

You could expect to pay someone anywhere between $100-$300 to create just one squeeze page for you, but I’m giving you one each month with your Membership.


Membership Benefit #5: Lead Generation Report

What good is a squeeze page if you don’t have a lead generation report give it away? So each month you’ll also be getting a lead generation report with each product.

Now you have a quality free gift to give your visitors in exchange for their email address – this lets you follow up with them and keep them coming back to your sales page until they buy from you!

Of course, you also get private label rights to the report, and a high quality report cover!


Membership Benefit #6: Series of 4 Email Ads

Now that you have your lead generation report and squeeze page set up, you need some follow up emails, right? I have you covered there also!

For each product, I’ll give you a set of 4 profit-pulling follow up emails that you can load into your autoresponder for after your visitors sign up to get the free report for each book. Send them one follow up email every 2-3 days, or until they buy the product from you.

Remember, following up is the key to making sales – studies have shown that people don’t buy from someone new unless they have heard from them several times. This gives you that opportunity!


Membership Benefit #7: 25 Articles with PLR Rights

After your new prospects receive all 4 of the follow up emails, what next? Do they just go away?

No! Of course not. Now you have them just where you want them. I’m giving you 25 articles with Private Label Rights that you can start to send them!

And, after each article, you can remind them once again about your product – or any affiliate product that you happen to be promoting. Do you think your subscribers will remember you when it comes time to buy something if you’ve been sending them high quality information every week?

You bet, and they’ll remember YOU for doing just that!

Of course, you don’t have to use these PLR articles for your follow up series. You can even compile all of these articles into ebook format to create a brand new product – and sell that to your subscribers too!

I’ll be giving you 25 PLR articles with each product, and each article will be at least 400 words in length.


Membership Benefit #8: Keyword List For Each Topic

To truly succeed in Internet Marketing, you need search engine visibility. Don’t waste hours researching the right keywords to gain top rankings in search engines. You’ll receive a listing of the most searched and least used keywords for each topic to help boost your search engine rankings. No research, no hassle. Just use the keywords we provide, and watch the traffic click in.

How Much Will This Cost Me -Must be a Fortune, Right?

Wrong – I could easily charge $97 a month for a service like this. In fact, I still might do just that some day. But, luckily for you, that day isn’t today.

For a limited time only, you can secure your spot in the Monthly Content Club  for just . . .


Just $9.97!/month

I can’t guarantee how long this price will last – or even how long the doors will be open. Remember, there is a strict membership cap in place. Once the cap is reached, the doors to the Monthly Content Club may be closed forever!

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Of course, if you sign up and decide that the Monthly Content Club isn’t for you, I’ll issue you a complete refund of your first monthly payment – no questions asked. (Be advised that only your first months membership is refundable.) Just submit a support ticket at my support desk and I’ll send your refund as soon as I can.

So what are you waiting for? If you wait too long, you’ll be stuck on the outside looking in, maybe for good – Grab your membership while they are still available . . .

Once all of the spots are gone – that’s it, they’re gone! No matter how much you plead with me to get in it won’t happen unless spots open up!

Join Now!

Just $9.97!/month

By joining your are agreeing to our PLR Terms and License
I realize that I will be charged a monthly fee of $9.97 to keep my subscription. I am under no obligation to continue my membership, and I can cancel at anytime bysending an emial to: Only the first month is refundable.


To Your Success,

     Kurt Chrisler




Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it’s potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, and don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

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